Our services are designed to solve complex financial and compliance issues while creating financial opportunities.  We strive to develop a collaborative environment and to help you grow your organization with confidence.


Assurance services are designed to test the historical validity of past business cycle data. We provide independent professional service for clarity and context of information so that decision makers can make decisions backed by data. By making better-informed decisions your company can grow with confidence.


Government regulations only get more complicated. We can simplify it for you. Most governmental, educational and nonprofit organizations are required to comply with federal award regulations, which include both financial and performance components. We work with many different kinds of compliance requirements, equipping companies with compliance plans and audits to help organizations face forward.


We leverage our expertise to improve the future of your organization. We conduct thorough efficiency evaluations of your accounting processes and provide suggestions for advancement. To help you keep your cash, we tailor our specific procedures to assist in identifying areas of your operations vulnerable to embezzlement or fraud.


Audits are opportunities, not overhead. We dig deeper and gain a thorough understanding of your businesses to provide risk-focused audit procedures tailored to your organization. We conduct a series of tests that examine controls within an organization and measure whether policies and procedures are being followed. We apply practical insights to better safeguard assets and improve internal control systems.


We have extensive experience assisting with Sarbanes-Oxley sections 302 and 404 compliance and have developed proprietary tools to balance effectiveness and efficiency. We provide a full range of services, from conducting the whole lifecycle of documentation, testing, remediation and control to simply adding expertise and/or personnel to assist you with your compliance. We dig deeper to give you the best opportunity for you to face forward.


We believe a well-trained and conscientious staff makes a difference. AuditLabs provides training on specific topics and tools related to organizational performance indicators, governance, risk and control. Our training always includes numerous engaging real-world examples. We arm you with the knowledge and confidence to face forward and take bold steps toward your business goals.


Our Whistleblower Hotline can help deter unethical behavior, whether it be harassment, fraud, waste, abuse or simple mismanagement. We’ve built a proprietary system to allow anonymous and confidential reporting, helping you overcome obstacles by keeping you informed and efficient.

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