AuditLabs leverages financial and audit
background expertise to solve cash problems and 
create cash opportunities.


AuditLabs diagnoses your financial pain points and combats them with detail-oriented problem solving and defensive solutions. By revealing your key points of process improvement through comprehensive internal auditing, AuditLabs protects you from issues both obvious and under the radar so you can keep your cash while growing with confidence.




Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” At AuditLabs we think this translates to peoples’ attitudes, from the leaders and managers who set the ‘tone at the top’, to the employees doing the work.  We also believe...

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According to Elroy Dimson at the London Business School, risk means more things can happen than will happen. This means no one truly knows the limits of what can possibly happen, but that’s okay as not all of it will happen. It also does not mean that bad things will...

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New Website Launched!

Our name, AuditLabs, is meant to convey that we are a CPA firm of a different stripe- we focus on a fresh approach to value-adding audits. A good audit is more science than art, and a lab is a place for practice, observation and testing- we also believe labs are where...

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“We engaged AuditLabs as our FY 2014 SOX consultant and we were very pleased with the results. AuditLabs provided a unique internal audit service that significantly improved our internal accounting processes and procedures. All of the staff on the team had ten plus years of experience. It was clear from day one that AuditLabs was the right choice; they asked the right questions and made changes that not only improved our internal controls, but also added value to the business. Additionally, AuditLabs came in 20% under budget, so we saved money while getting a great quality of service. We have engaged AuditLabs for FY 2015 and I highly recommend using their internal audit services.”


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